Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Caps

Theft Proof Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Caps
No More Stolen Tire Valve Caps!

"You Smiled, As You Walked Towards Your Car And Watched This Bright Blue, Spiky Hair Kid Still Trying To Frantically Figure Out Why The Avani Tire Pressure Valve Caps Simply Refuse To Come Off....." 

Avani Group Founder Wil Yeo  





William Yeo

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Dear Friends,

Have you or someone that you know of, had the unpleasant experience of losing the car's tire valve stem caps? Do you know that the tire pressure is of paramount importance to the safe handling of your car?

Let's face it, isn't it frustrating to have your tire pressure valve caps being stolen from your car, be it happening to your Brand New Lexus or your Old Trusted Corvette.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   No matter what brand or make of your car, or the type of tire valve caps you are using, you are subject to the possibility of your tire valve stem caps being stolen by some thieving or mischievous individuals. And if that already happened to you, fret not, you are not alone.

Or picture this - imagine you are dressed in your best outfit and driving long distance to your best friend's wedding, and your tire gave way, all because someone took your tire valve caps and your car now gave up on you in a cold and wet weather and you are now stranded in the middle of nowhere...

We can understand your frustrations, and we proudly present to you:

"Avani Revolv Chrome Tire Pressure Valve Caps"
Anti Theft Chrome Tire Pressure Valve Caps, Valve Stem Cover - Avani Revolv
Picture Of Avani Revolv Anti-Theft Tire Valve Stem Caps

Note: Avani Chrome Tire Valve Caps are triple chrome plated on brass cores which will give you the lasting shines and durability, it is significantly better than the chrome plastic tire valve caps type in the market.

So, what exactly is it?

Here's our quick and easy but yet very effective solution: the Avani Revolv is a highly innovative patented product that is theft proof and comes with special custom made key that only let you as the owner to lock and unlock it.

And here's the little secret on why the blue spiky hair kid was having problem in removing the valve caps:

The chrome tire pressure valve caps are designed and assembled with an outer sleeve; This shields the tire valve cap from gripping force, thereby effectively locking the cap in place. A specially made key is then provided to you, the owner, to bypass the outer sleeve when installing or removing the chrome tire pressure cap from the valve stem, thus making the tire valve caps theft proof wink.

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85% Of Tire Air Pressure Losses Are Due To Slow Leaks... Are You On The 'Right' Side Of The Statistics?

Well, besides being an annoyance to the car owners who have their tire valve cap being stolen, there is an even much bigger and pertinent issue, which is VEHICLE SAFETY.

Here's some hard facts and numbers:

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), Department of Transportation (DOT), gathered the data from the tire industry:

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   85% of all tire air pressure losses are the result of slow leaks that occur over a period of time. Only mere 15% are due to rapid air losses caused by contact with a road hazard.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   While important, only about 30% of car owners check their tire pressure on a weekly or monthly basis as compared to about 70% who wash their cars on a monthly basis (numbers from a separate survey done by the Rubber Manufacturers Associations).

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   The Insurance Industry Associate estimated a total of USD600 million in unnecessary damages could have been prevented in 2005 if drivers had simply paid attention to their tire pressure.

Don't let it happen to you...

Nothing Is More Important Than Safety, Not Money, Not Time. Ignore The Risks At Your Own Danger.

If you think that tire pressure is not important, think again.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Low tire pressure resulted in about 300,000 accidents annually, and that is just USA alone.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   In a study done in USA by the Society of Automotive Engineers, 75% of tire failures are preceded by slow air leaks or insufficient tire inflation.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Some luxury cars like the Chevrolet Corvette and the Acura MDX SUV now come complete with Tire Pressure Monitors that will warn the car owner when the tire pressure falls below certain level.

Maintaining correct tire pressure consistently is so important that the The National Highway Traffic administration (NHTA) will establish a new regulation to have the Tire Pressure Monitors pre-installed in all new cars in 2007.

I bet the above information has already helped you to change your perspectives if you had thought that maintaining proper tire pressures were unimportant...

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Improperly Inflated Tires Can Be Deadly!

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Astonishing Fact: An under inflated tire can reduce your cars breaking performance by 22% - that's an additional 32 feet of braking distance LOST. You've probably never thought of this... you are not alone, most people don't.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Truth be told: Most people rely on the tire shop and never check their pressure again. Are your tires under inflated? Do you know what's the correct tire pressure for your automobile? Are you putting yourself and your love ones at risk unnecessarily? Are you, really?

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   On average, a tire loses about one PSI of air pressure every month, which means that you have to check your tire pressure at least once a month. How long since you checked yours, honestly?

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Under inflated tires are a huge problem, and can be easily remedied. Avani Revolv Tire Valve Cap is the effective, quick and easy solution for you.

In fact, you'll actually SAVE money as your tires wear more evenly, providing you with longer tread wear life. You are safer, your tires last longer, end result: Win / Win. 

There are still more to it...

Doing Your Part For The Environment.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Fact: Improperly inflated tires reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   According to a study done in Canada, having properly inflated tires could save an average driver an estimated 2 weeks worth of free gas every year. That translates to about 4% reduction in gas usage. By properly maintaining your tire pressures, the useful life of your tires will be prolonged, the overall fuel economy will be improved - all translating more savings to you.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   In reducing the usage of fuel, it also means a reduction in the car emissions into the environment - one of the major contributor to climate change and global warming.

By doing your part in reducing the negative impact on the environment, you give your children and grandchildren and beyond a chance to enjoy the environment as you do today, something that they rightfully deserve.

A Quality Tire Valve Cap For Your Safety And Peace Of Mind.

Avani Revolv Tyre Valve Cap, Valve Stem Cover - Air Valve Cap Rubber O-Ring


Bottom View Of Avani Revolv Valve Caps - (With High Quality Rubber Seal)

A snugly tightened high quality tire valve cap with high quality rubber o-ring can provide the added assurance that the desired pressure is maintained, and thus maximizes the safety factor for your vehicle.

Here's some useful information:

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Lost or absence of good tire valve caps will result in slow leaks of the tires from the valve core. In a worst case scenario, it will result in sudden lost of pressure when the vehicle is going at a high speed and / or experience impact with hard object

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   The rotation of the wheel at high enough speed can cause a valve core to open due to the centrifugal force created.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   The Tire Pressure Valve Cap Is THE FINAL SEAL against air loss - and will contain the air within the tire in the event that the tire valve fail . Reputable tire manufacturers often recommend the use of good quality tire pressure valve cap, not the chrome plastic tire valve cap but rather metal tire valve cap with good reliable built-in rubber O-Ring (see picture appended above left - rubber o-ring of Avani Revolv). 

The rubber O-Rings that we use conformed to high industrial standards and are guaranteed to last a long time - thus keeping the tires pressure from escaping via your car's tire valve stem effectively and ensure a clean valve orifice when the Avani Revolv valve stem caps are removed - which means that you will have more consistent tire pressures and comfortable drives.

You And Your Car Deserve Only The Best Tire Valve Stem Caps!

The Avani Revolv tire valve caps not only are theft proof and provide excellent seal to the tire valve stems, it will "Show-Off" your aftermarket wheels - as rightly described by one of our customers.

Newsflash: Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps were installed on Alpha Romeo Spider during a Car Show in Singapore, in Nov 2006. Check these pictures out:

Avani Revolv Tire Pressure Cap On Alpha Romeo with Models
Alpha Romeo Spider With Two Hot Models

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps On Alpha Romeo Spider Close Up View
Avani Revolv Installed On Alpha Romeo Spider

*Note: A high definition version of this picture can be found on our testimonial page. 

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 Avani Revolv has received Rave Reviews

Read about the positive responses from Our Delighted Customers.


Testimonials - On Appearance

"The benefits that I feel that I get out of owning the Avani Revolv Tire Valve is that all the time my tires will have their valves caps and the wheels look the way that they should.

Usually I used to loose 1 or 2 tire valves caps due to the bike boys... but now with the Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps I can leave my car without attention and be confident that the tire valve caps will be in their place when I return.

Also, the wheels look better with these valve caps... they are shinier than most of the chrome caps that I had looked before. The Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps are the ones that will "Show-Off" your aftermarket wheels as they should look and will never be missing when you left your car unattended."

Oliver Segura
United States

"Hello, I purchased your locking valve caps for my 2004 Toyota 4Runner. The reason I purchased these is that I used to have metal valve caps that were always being stolen or lost.

The last straw was when I went to have my oil changed at those quick lube places. When I got my car back I didn't notice, but a couple days later I was missing two of the caps. I decided to spend the extra cash and buy the locking caps.

Not only are they not going to be lost or stolen, but they are also very stylish with their high chrome finish. I will recommend them to my friends."

Lorenzo Ridela,
Honolulu, Hawaii

"The main benefit that I feel that I get out of owning the Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps is security.

Those valve caps are great! I can park into those neighborhoods where I could not dare to park and come back knowing that my valve caps are still there. Hey, and my air is not leaking and I have consistent air pressure.

The Avani Revolv Valve Stem Caps are easy to use, and easy on the eyes. Most people want to save on small purchases. They can either buy cheap products repetitively or buy a well priced product once and forget about it. My Mercedes Benz 500E accepts no less than the best in the market.

The big thing is how they hold the air in the tire - it matters when the wheels grip the road with the right air!"

Kariuki Nderu,
United States

Saab9000 Picture Avani Revolv Tire Valve Cap

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Cap On Saab9000

"Here are some pictures that I took with my Samsung Galaxy 3. My car is year 1992 SAAB 9000 and it is looking great with Avani Revolv Tire Valve Stem Cap."

~Lennart Andersson,

Recent Testimonials - Highlights

"The lockable concept on the tire caps is incredible!

The main reason I decided to buy these caps was to stop theft of the tire caps. I had just purchased 4 new tires and within two days, the caps were gone.

I have a feeling that the Avani Tire Valve Caps should eliminate this issue altogether. In addition, the construction and appearance of the caps are fantastic, and they work well with the rest of the color scheme of my car.

The main benefits of Avani Revolv Air Valve Cap is that it prevents tire caps from being stolen and improve the appearance on the car as well.

Buying Avani Revolv Tire Caps is ESSENTIAL for preventing theft of tire caps, as well as keeping the access to valves safe and secure. The caps are well made and look good on whatever type of tire they will be used on. Overall, a must buy for anyone looking to replace their tire caps."

...Peter Garlinski
Bloomington, Minnesota

"Thank you so much for sending me those valve caps... My car has a lot of chrome looks, for example door handles, wheels, mirrors, doorframes … and now I replaced those ugly plastic caps with your beautiful shiny chrome plated tire valve caps. It is one more of those “little” details that make my car more elegant. And finally, in combination with my locking wheels, it is one more protection that makes my car safe against stealing or vandalism. Thanks again."

...Thomas and Elaine Wendel,

These caps are so effective that you do not have to worry about losing them to the bicycle kids anymore.

And here's a strong endorsement from a wonderful gentleman from Australia who have installed the valve stem cover on both his motorbike and his wife's car. We have included the full testimonial here:

"When you have been riding motorbikes for a while (over 40 years in my case) your priorities tend to be safety, comfort and pride in the appearance of your bike. Avani Revolv tire air valve caps fulfill all three ideals in my view.

Safety: the number one issue! If tire pressures are important for a car, they are critical for a motorbike and we all know that conventional tire caps allow seepage. Two to three psi in a week is not at all unusual, dependant on the amount of riding involved.

With these valve caps fitted I experienced NIL change in tire pressure over a five day period of hard riding.

Comfort: Well, they didn't make hard roads softer, but the tire caps did ensure that they were always in place. I've lost chrome plated caps before just because they looked nice. So the comfort lies in the fact that I know they can't be removed without the special key. Which also means that some young speedster can't let the old man's tires down "just for a joke".

Appearance: There is no better looking chrome plated, rust free, hose down, easy clean tire cap on the market. Period.

I've fitted them to my wife's car now as well and she couldn't be happier. As an added bonus she now has a free key ring which is also the removing tool. It comes with the caps.

If you are like me and just love well machined add-ons that are practical and work, you are never going to want to be without these beautifully made little accessories.

If you are into speed, you are going to want to know that your tire caps are holding up under the pressure - believe me when I say these babies will do just that. I'd give them a thumbs-up five star ratingFive Stars Rating For Avani Revolv Air Valve Capsno matter what vehicle you ride or drive."

Best Wishes,
Mike's Testimonial For Avani Revolv Air Valve Cap
...Mike Sheridan, Australia

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We have customers who had the unpleasant experience of losing their tire valve stem caps umpteen times before finding our product and finally have their problem solved. And it can certainly do the same for you.

Here's the sharing of experience from some of our customers:

More Testimonials - On Theft Prevention / Road Safety

"I'm glad I won't have to worry about my valve caps being stolen anymore! Plus they look great with my wheels. I like the Avani Revolv Tire Caps because they are simple to install, and to remove, as long as you have the handy key!

They are very good looking, much better than the standard rubber valve caps that either fall off or become victim to vandalism. I like how I no longer have to worry!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone I know, they are a practical solution that people are looking for. I give this product an A+."

...Tara M. Rennard
Rhode Island,

"Received your chrome tyre valve caps - some kids in my neighbourhood tried nicking your valve stem cap off my Ferrari, but to no avail.

Pretty nifty product you have there. I will be sure to recommend to my buddies about your product.

Great Product and Quality. Keep it up."

...Rick Chapman, UK

"With your valve stem covers installed, I know nobody is going to steal my chrome caps and they look good on my tires.

I didn't think of importance of tire caps before but now that I got these valve caps, I know that they will help to keep me safe on the road.

I have already recommended the Avani Revolv tire caps to a few of my friend and I also show it to them and they all like it and want to know where can they buy it from - expect a few orders soon!"

...Kwok Young
Honolulu, Hawaii,

Detail descriptions of "How to install, remove and maintain the chrome tire valve caps in a simple step-by-step manner and "Manufacturer's Warranty" will be sent to you when you placed an order:

Product's Instruction:  

Avani Revolv Anti Theft
Tire Pressure Valve Caps

How to Install - Ensure that the tire valve stem threads are completely cleaned before installing. Turn the Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps onto the valve stem threads by hand first followed by tightening using the key provided.


How to Remove - Un-tightened by first using the key, once it becomes loosen, you may use hand to continue to unscrew until the cap is completely removed.
Key - Keep the key in a safe place. A great place will be with the same key ring with your vehicle’s key ring. We provide a 2nd key as a backup at the point of purchase.
Maintenance - To ensure the continual proper function and appearance of the caps, rinse with clean water & wipe with lightly damp cloth, followed by spraying with good lubricant.
We recommend regular application of the lubricant to ensure optimal performance of the valve caps, and for easy releasing and tightening using the key(s) provided.


Brought to you by:


We bring the world's great things to you


US Patent No. 6,062,787  
Canada Patent No. 2290041

Custom Made Aluminum Key

*Patented Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Capcan only be unlocked by custom made special keys provided.

 Main Features And Benefits

  • Both inner core and outer sleeve made of solid brass ==> excellent durability to give you the sturdy feel.
  • Superb compatibility with brass material tire valve stem. No fusing issue - You will never have to worry about not being able to remove your tire valve caps. Important Note: Do not purchase the Avani Revolv tire valve caps if your tire valve stems are not made of brass material. 
  • Externally chrome plated ==> beautiful and shinning appearance for your car to look fabulous.
  • Fits well with all standard tire valve stems - so, it doesn't matter whether your car is a Lexus LS 430, Hyundai Tucson or a Mini Cooper - or for that matter, any brand or make of your car, the Avani Revolv valve caps will just fit snugly. 
  • Matches well with all types of tire rims for the overall excellent appearance of your car.
  • Specially designed to cover the whole tire valve stem, totally covering any unsightly tire valve stem screw treads for great appearance of your car.
  • 100% corrosion free in all weather conditions: You do not have to worry about having to constantly replace them and can own/use them for a long, long time - more savings for you in the long run.
  • High quality products. Quality assured. A great product that you will be delighted to own, and not having to worry about losing your valve caps ever again.
  • In-built rubber o-ring: superb air tightness to prevent leakages so that your tire pressure is always well maintained thereby ensuring the integrity of the tire pressure and therefore the safety of your car, your family and you.

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More Testimonials - On Product Quality

"Solid quality product! And with fast delivery - I received the set only a few days after payment. Now, let's see how those kids steal my caps!"

...Drew Schull, Nissan Skyline GTR
Queensland, Australia

"I do want to say what a fine product I think that you offer. I have mentioned it on the Ford Mustang forums that I visit as well as at the car shows that I attend.

I was looking for an anti theft valve cap and until I found your site all I could find were caps with logos on them, which I did not care for. Yours have the look and protection that I desire for my vehicle.

Thanks for the great product."

...John Simmons

"Make Your Purchase Now - A Great Product For Yourself And Also As A Wonderful Gift For Someone You Care For!"

Being a patented product and with anti-theft feature, the recommended price is attractive, not to mention that the product is built with solid brass and are triple chrome plated which will give durability and the perfect shines that will last a long time to give the nice appearance to your car.

This product is created specially for you.

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Assuming you, as a car driver who drives a few different cars for over 35 years period during your lifetime of car ownership, you are paying well less than a dollar per year as a form of 'insurance' in exchange for your peace of mind for this useful product.

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Wait, there's a surprise for you! We would like you to have the following eBook as additional bonus: 


Bonus ($29.90 Value)Avani Revolv: Tire Air Pressure Cap Free eBook AutoCon

"Auto Cons - How To Buy An Automobile Without Getting Scammed!"

This is an eBook not to be missed!

It provides very useful information on how you can get the best deal when buying your car.
...here the list of just SOME of the information you will find:

  • Why you should run if the car salesmen ask you to resign your loan papers.
  • Find out the difference between the dealer's price and the factory price - so that you know how much to offer.
  • Find out when salesmen are desperate to sell cars and are much more than willing to lower their prices to close the deal.
  • Recognize who is really on the phone if someone calls in to compete with your offer.
  • Find out why you should always pay deposits with your credit card - not with checks.
  • And many, many more useful tips and strategies that anyone who are buying a car need to know.
Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Caps


We provide a warranty that it is of no risk to you to make the purchase:


One Full Year Two Full Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty
(yes, you read correctly - With 2nd Year Warranty Included, Free)

With such strong endorsements from our customers, superb features / benefits and the unbeatable warranty, do not hesitate anymore and place the order right now. 

Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Caps - New Packaging
The Complete Avani Revolv Package

Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps - Red Arrow   Ask yourself this: Does it make sense to be penny wise by ignoring vehicle safety when your life and your car actually worth significantly more - All for less than the cost of a single gas fill-up?

Okay, I Am Sold! How Much?

Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Cap - Down Arrow

Yes! I Look Forward To Having My Tire Valve Stem Caps Secured And Never To Have Them Stolen!

Please Rush To Me Today:

A Complete Set Of Four Patented Avani Revolv Anti Theft Chrome Tire Valve Stem Caps So That My Tire Valve Caps Will Remain Secured All The Time.
Comes with Two High Grade Aluminum Custom Made Keys (With One As Backup) That I And Only I, The Owner Of The Tire Air Pressure Cap Set Can Lock And Unlock The Tire Valve Caps. 
Instantly Downloadable Bonus eBook That Will Help Me To Get The Best Deals Around Whenever I Buy My Car.

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$ 37.99

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After placing the order, here's what you would expect:

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Stay tuned, sit back, relax and Avani Revlov will reach you via registered post, Securely. It just doesn't get better than this.

Yours For Safe Driving, 

Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Cap - Signature 

World's Best Selling Theft Proof Tire Valve Caps

Brought To You By:

We bring the world's great things to you.

PS  You do not have to take our words for it. Just read what one of our delighted customers, Fritz, has to say when he went ahead and order a second set from us after being very satisfied with the first set that he bought:

"By golly they do work! And quite well at that.

My set is a couple of weeks old at this point, and must have the bicycle decorator boys very upset with their inability to swipe this good looking set.

I was ready to automatically order another similar set as a back up, and possibly even one for my original owner '66 Corvette. Nicely done. Thanks for a terrific product!"

PPS  You will also get a useful bonus eBook to help you to get the best deals whenever you buy your car and two high grade custom made aluminum keys that ensure that you and only you can lock and unlock the Avani Revolv Chrome Tire Pressure Valve Caps.

PPPS    With such a great innovative product, you can ensure that your tire valve caps are theft proof, thus preserving the tire pressure integrity and therefore improve the handling of your car for your maximum safety.

It is indeed an insignificant 'insurance premium' to pay in exchange for peace of mind and to protect the precious lives of YOU and YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS'.

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   "Tens of 1,000s Sets Have Been Shipped To Satisfied Customers
Around The World."

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Anti Theft Chrome Tire Pressure Valve Stem Caps - Top Right
Avani Revolv Chrome Tire Pressure Valve Stem Caps

Testimonial For Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps (extract):

Michael's Testimonial For Avani Revolv Air Valve Cap

"When you have been riding motorbikes for a while (over 40 years in my case) your priorities tend to be safety, comfort and pride in the appearance of your bike. Avani Revolv tire air valve caps fulfill all three ideals in my view."

...Best Wishes,
Michael Sheridan

Recent Testimonial (Jun 2011):

Here's what friends from Ireland and Sweden have to say about Avani Revolv Valve Caps:

"I recently purchased some Dust caps after mine got stolen, I was very impressed with how easy they were to put on and that they lock so no one can steal them.

I would highly recommend them and the chrome effect looks really smart, happy for customers to contact me if needed."

~Colin Morrissey,
Dublin, Ireland

(May 2011)

"I have new Dunlop tires on my new wheels with wheel locks and Avani Chrome Tire Valve Caps is going to be great on my SAAB 9000 year made: 1992."

~Lennart Andersson,


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Testimonial: Extract - about our Website and the Payment System

"Aloha Wil,

Your web site is a pretty big site. A lot of information, I down loaded some stuff and used several links.

Paypal is a big consideration when purchasing on the web.

I always look for Paypal and have passed up many purchases at web sites not offering payment by Paypal."

James Cameron
Waipahu, Hawaii,

Tire Valve Cap By Avani - Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

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