Jun 07

Tip Of The Day: What Can You Do When Your Tire Valve Cap Is Stuck To The Valve Stem

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Are you aware that if the material of your tire valve stems the tire valve caps are of different material – it could result in possible fusion (due to incompatibility of materials – road salts, road chemicals and moisture can set up electrolysis and fuse, for example, aluminum valve caps to the brass material valve stem) and cause the tire valve cap to get stuck and difficult to be removed from the valve stem?

The tire valve caps can in some circumstances get stuck (almost like superglued 😉 ) to the valve stem – in many instances, these valve caps can be removed by simply using brute force. In some rare and unlikely situations, you may not be able to remove the valve cap(s), and it does happen, here’s a few useful tips you can use:

1. Spray a good lubricant, like WD40 generously on the combination – wait a short while for the oil to sip in before attempting your next try to unscrew the tire valve caps.

2. If the tire valve caps are made of metal, use either hot water or a lighter to heat up the tire valve caps, and hopefully the caps expand more than the valve stem, leaving enough space and gap for the valve caps to be removed.

3. In addition to the above two approaches, make use of proper tool by using two set of pliers, one holding the valve cap and the other the valve stem (and make sure that you turn the correct direction, so that you are actually removing the tire valve cap and not trying to snap the valve stem!), and hopefully, with the added leverage of the tools, you can now remove the stubborn tire valve caps 😉 .

* Important Tip: If you want to make sure that you do not damage your valve caps, make sure that you use some tape on the griping part of the pliers (so that you protect the surface of the valve caps) before applying force to unscrew the valve caps.

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