Avani Revolv Anti Theft Tire Valve Stem Cap

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BMW Valve Stem Cap

Product:  BMW Valve Stem Cap

BMW Valve Stem Cap
BMW Valve Stem Cap - Set of 4

Product Description

Add the finishing touch to your beloved BMW marque with these beautifully made licensed BMW valve stem cap made by eLuka - BMW Parts Specialist.

Product Features

* Set of 4 New Original BMW Valve Stem Caps. Fits all BMW Models.
* Product surface knurled for ease of installation and removal by hand.
* Fit all standard air valve stem.
* Comes with O-Ring to ensure no leakage of air from tire.
* Made from solid brass.
* Beautifully chrome finished to complement your wheels.

Shipping Information and Packaging

 BMW Valve Cap PackagingBMW Valve Stem Cap - On Black Disc
BMW Valve Stem Cap - Packaging

* Set comes with Blister pack and black disc holder.

* Shipping Weight: 2.1 ounces

Average Customer Review Rating: Five Stars Rating For BMW Valve Stem Cap (correct as of date of posting and may subject to change with time).

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Testimonial For Avani Revolv Tire Valve Caps (extract):

Michael's Testimonial For Avani Revolv Air Valve Cap

"When you have been riding motorbikes for a while (over 40 years in my case) your priorities tend to be safety, comfort and pride in the appearance of your bike. Avani Revolv tire air valve caps fulfill all three ideals in my view."

...Best Wishes,
Michael Sheridan

Testimonial Of The Month:

"I have just received the valve covers and I am very pleased.

Thank you for all your help. The Avani Reovlv tire valve caps offer more security and I enjoyed the ease of operation of the product. I would recommend the Avani Revolv tire valve cap for car owners who wanted added security, the Avani Revolv is one accessory to own.

I may have some friends who may want to place orders with you in the future. I will let you know if they require a set. Once again thanks for all your help."

~Adrian Daniel,
West Indies